Requests to participate in hearing

Collier Shannon Scott
Nathan Associates


Responses to Requests to Participate in Hearing


Collier Shannon Scott 
Nathan Associates


Initial Public Comments


Initial comments of CBFC & NFFS
American Chemet
Patton Boggs
ISRI | ISRI exhibits | ISRI newsletter | Technical Report 
United Brass Works 
Chase Brass & Copper 
Hussey Copper 
Midland Mfg. Co. 
Mueller Industries 
Outokumpu American Brass 
Piad Cast Precision 
Piad Cast Precision
Ryder-Heil Bronze 
Brush Wellman Engineered Materials


Prepared statements from May 19, 2004 hearing


Joseph Mayer - President, Copper and Brass Fabricator's Council 
James Mallory - Executive Director, Non-Ferrous Founders' Society 
David Hartquist - Partner, Collier Shannon Scott 
Michael Kerwin - Economist, Georgetown Economic Services 
Roy Allen - President, Hussey Copper 
Thomas Baker - Vice President, Olin Corp. 
Jeffery Burghardt - Director of Metals and Stores, Outokumpu American Brass 
George Gykhuizen - President, Extruded Metals 
James Rourke - Vice President and General Manager, Mueller Brass Company 
Robin Wiener - President, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries 
Robert Damuth - Vice President, Nathan Associates 
Sheldon Tauben - President, Metalsco


Transcript from May 19, 2004 Hearing (ASCII)

Comments in Response to May 19 Hearing and Initial Comments

Response Comments from:


Sheldon Tauben
Nathan Associates 


Final Comments on Copper Short Supply Petition:


Comments of the Government of Canada
Cover letter, Government of Canada
Collier Shannon Scott Final Written Comments
ISRI Final Response
Terrapin Recycling 
Amlon Metals 
Beaumont Iron & Metal 
J.T. Knight & Son 
Extruded Metals 
M. Gervich & Sons 
Joseph Simon & Sons 
Berman Bros. 
Ryder-Heil Bronze 
Cerro Metal Products 
United Brass Works 
OutoKumpu American Brass 
Peninsula Copper Industries 
Keystone Foundry Division, United Brass Works 
Midland Manufacturing 
Hussey Copper 
Outokumpo American Brass (Additional comments) 
Standard Iron and Metals 
Waycross Recycling Company 
Hon. Arlen Specter, U.S. Senate 
Hon. Richard Shelby, U.S. Senate 
Hon. Paul Sarbanes, U.S. Senate 
Hon. Melissa Hart, U.S. House of Representatives 
Hon. Jerry Costello, U.S. House of Representatives 
Hon. Jack Quinn, U.S. House of Representatives 
Hon. Charles Grassley, U.S. Senate 
Hon. Carl Levin, U.S. Senate 
Atlas Metal & Iron Corp. 
Tampa Brass & Aluminum Corp. 
Co-Petitioners Response to ISRI's Submission of June 7, 2004 


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